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Title: Vivid

Author: Jessica Wilde

Cover Reveal: Sept 17, 2015

Release Date: Oct 11, 2015

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Merrick Thatcher went through a hell that no one could possibly imagine.

He fought to protect his country, his family, and the men standing at his side, but it wasn’t just being a

soldier overseas that changed him. He watched his friends die in front of him, felt indescribable pain,

and lost his sight in the very same moment.

Badly injured, blind, and angry, he’s done with war, but now he’s fighting his own battle. So, he’s waiting

for it to end, spending his days and nights in a thick darkness no light can penetrate. Until Grace walks

into his life and his broken eyes open to a woman that changes everything for him.

A story about two flawed souls finding love amidst the grief. A love that shines vividly, even in the dark,

and discovering that sometimes being broken is how the light gets in.

For readers 18+ due to language, violence, and sexual situations

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Like many other foundations, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation

provides assistance to injured soldiers as well as their families. SOWF also focuses on one of the most

important challenges those families face; ‘getting to their hospitalized loved ones as quickly as possible’.

With grants immediately provided to the family, they can travel to be bedside with their loved one,

especially for those crucial first days. SOWF also provides a scholarship program, family services

(including clinical social workers, scholarship counselors, and family services counselors). With on-going

support and helpful counseling to all families of fallen members in every branch of the military, they are

able to help in all the ways that count. The SOWF was highly recommended to me by a recent veteran

who served in Iraq. Therefore, I am thrilled to be able to help them in any way possible. Every little bit





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Author Bio

I live in Morgan, Utah with my husband, beautiful daughter, and a couple

of spoiled pups. If I’m not deeply involved in writing my next book, then I’m probably reading in the

safety and quiet of my closet. I love yoga – which I now practice regularly – playing hide and seek with

my daughter (only to have my hiding spots revealed by one of the pups), and I love Fruit by the Foot,

Twizzlers and Peace Tea. These are great ways to bribe me into revealing secrets about what’s to


I have an unhealthy obsession with Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and

The Big Bang Theory. I also enjoy talking about them, so if you like them, too, come find me.

Writing has become an enormous part of my life and every book I write

holds a special place in my heart. If you read one of my books, I hope you have the same


Jessica Wilde

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with your followers and for participating in the cover reveal for Vivid! I am so excited about this book and grateful for your help in spreading the word ❤ ❤

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