Truth or Dare



A new adult, contemporary romance
Author: Aimee McNeil
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
“Choose TRUTH and risk
exposing your heart
Choose DARE and risk exposing everything else…”
Sophie Rogers has left her demons in the past and finally has her life
under control…
Three years after leaving high
school, where she was endlessly tormented by the school’s golden couple, Sophie
has her art degree nearly in hand. Juggling two jobs, she prides herself on her
focus and determination to ensure her independence.
Until Ashton King saunters back into her life as a nude model for her
art class…
Ashton and Lucinda had made it their
mission to make Sophie’s life miserable from the moment she walked into their
lives. But now, with Lucinda out of the picture and Sophie back in his sights,
Ashton changes the rules of the game and takes it to a whole new level.
Sophie is thrown back into the turmoil she thought was long behind her…
Ashton’s body is made for sin, and
his icy blue eyes scorch her with feelings too intense for a heart as scarred
as Sophie’s to bear. Glimpses of another side of Ashton give her a flash of
hope, but his deceptions run much deeper than she ever dreamed.
Truth or Dare…Which would you

Sophie stared at the blank canvas in front of her, trying to still her
shaking knee. She had been nervous when she arrived this morning. The impending
art class had her anxious. It was to be her first nude model session. She had
painted many people over her time as an artist, but this was the first time she
would be staring at two naked people for a complete two-hour session,
translating their exposed bodies onto her canvas with the experience of her
hands—hands that currently moved restlessly over her supplies as the seconds
ticked by. Everyone else in the class seemed to be in a state of boredom as
they watched the clock on the wall.

The professor sat as his desk, loudly sipping his morning coffee. He kept
checking his watch, and then confirming that the time correlated with the wall
clock. “Hopefully it shouldn’t be too much longer,” he mumbled as his eyes
traveled toward the door, his fingers tapping annoyingly on his desk. His round
stomach threatened every button on his shirt as it stretched over his width.
His hair was in desperate need of a trim and his beard was riddled with gray.
Despite his unkempt appearance, he had grown on Sophie, his appearance quite
suitable for the rough-edged professor who seemed to view the world in its own
unique light.
Sophie followed his gaze toward the open door. Giggling erupted in the
hallway before a young woman shuffled in. “Sorry, Professor.” She smiled, her
face flushing with color.
“So sorry.” The entrancing male voice bordered on sarcasm as the man
filled the doorframe. His large presence demanded the attention of everyone in
the room because of his dangerous beauty. Sophie’s eyes widened in panic and
she ducked behind her canvas to avoid being recognized. She could feel the
blood rush to her face. Ashton King was standing in her art class with a robe
that he barely had tied. What the hell
was he doing here? Just breathe. Just breathe.

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Aimee McNeil was
born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she continues to live today with
her husband and three children. She is a stay-at-home mother that loves every
colorful moment with her family.
Aimee spends most
of her free time indulging in her love of writing. You can also find her lost
in the pages of a good book, or making a mess with her paints. Aimee loves to
explore anything that promotes creativity. It is one of the many reason she
enjoys writing.



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My Review:

Sophie was the shy smart girl in high school that got not just picked on but maliciously harassed by the school hottie Ashton and his evil B**** of a girlfriend Lucinda.  Fast-forward a few years, Sophie has gotten away from all that crap in HS and is nearly done with college when Ashton walks into her art class and strips naked in front of the class.

When Ashton realizes that Sophie’s HS torment was worse than he thought he realizes that he needs to work extra hard to show her that his intentions then and now are different than she thinks.

I wasn’t sure if incorporating a child’s/teenager’s game of truth or dare with adult characters and a mature story line was going to work but Aimee McNeil pulled it off perfectly.  The story line has a nice steady pace, an ending you’ll be pleased with and a few unexpected character twists and revelations thrown in for good measure.

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