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Today we have J. Lum stopping by with the blog tour for FOREVER LOVE! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Forever Love

Author: J Lum

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Forever Love:

To appreciate the sun, you have to withstand the storm.

Free-spirited, poetic Casey Loughlin has had her fair share of rain, and she always manages to see the silver lining. During her teenage years, when she met Toby Cardona, she learned everything she ever needed to learn about love and loss—all in one year.

When Toby lost Casey, everything changed for him. The once caring and endearing boy, with dreams and hopes of his own, became the cold, broken, money-hungry man he swore he’d never be. Now, with Casey back in his life, it’s up to her to show Toby that the second time around, love can still hurt, but it’s worth every painful prick. Will Toby weather the storm, and embrace a second chance, with the woman he’s always loved?


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Georgetown was my home, but I’d been avoiding it like the plague. I’d tried to wash all the bad memories away, and in doing so, muted the happy ones. I wanted to anchor myself to the things I loved, so naturally, a book shop seemed ideal. I wanted a place where people could come in, and sit somewhere cozy and safe to read their books, or have a nice cup of coffee or the errant yummy hot chocolate. Thus, Bea’s Java and Dreams was born. I spent months finding the right location. The coffee shop became a happy distraction for me, something to focus on. It was something forward, instead of backward, like I’d been doing for years. 

There is another loud banging noise, and I cringe as I hear fast footsteps falling louder and louder towards my office. I’m hiding from her; I know what’s about to happen and I will gladly excuse myself from her judgy eyes. I could run out the back entrance of the building, but I need to get the numbers done. “Did you hear me talking to you?” Avey says, with her arms folded over her chest, leaning against the doorway. “Of course I heard you, but Jesus, Avey, could you slam the books any harder? I think you may have hurt their feelings,” I reply, flailing my arms around like a lunatic. I love books, and her slamming them just bothers me. She knows this, and yet here we are, talking about how she treats them. I know I’m odd, but I’m also hoping it’ll distract her.

“Seriously, Casey, books don’t have feelings. I didn’t hurt them, they’ve just found a new home amongst the stacks. Stop trying to divert my attention, I know what you’re doing.” She presses her lips together in a thin line. “Plus, I know you’re hiding back here. You can’t keep going through life like this.”

“Avey, I’m not doing anything. I’m sitting here balancing the books.” 

“No, what you’re doing is avoiding again,” she says, disapprovingly. “Look, we’ve all given you time to adjust to everything. But for reals, kid gloves off. I’m gonna kick your ass, and it’s gonna hurt for me to say this, but you need to listen.” She moves closer to the desk and pulls up the chair next to me, plopping down.

“Avey, I—”

“No, I don’t want to hear that ‘I’m older than you’ speech because you know what, you might be older, but I know better. And don’t you dare shake your head,” she scolds, while grabbing my hands. Her brows wrinkle as she glances down at our joined hands. “Look, life sucks sometimes. You know it, I know it, but you know what’s worse? Avoiding things. Important things.” She leans back in the chair. “You’ve been avoiding a lot—” “Hey, I resent that! I’ve been working on things.” Sighing dejectedly, I slump further into my chair. Avey is the worst kind of mother hen type: protective, outspoken, and has a tendency to butt in where she shouldn’t. “Casey, I know that, but you should go, get out of here for a bit. Your gran rented your old beach house for a week. You’ve been working hard, the store is running smoothly. You can take a minute to yourself.” She huffs. “Plus, it’ll do you some good to remember. You said it yourself that your summer vacations were some of your happiest memories. Don’t you owe it to yourself?” 

“But I’ve got responsibilities.” I slump forward and drop my head down. “I don’t think I can go back there,” I whisper softly to myself. 

Avey grabs me into a tight hug. “Yes you can! I know it’ll be painful, but you need to do this, Casey, please. I see you sometimes walk around in this weird daze, like you’re so afraid to move forward, like you’re betraying them. It’s been sixteen years, Casey. I promise you you’re not.” Avey squeezes me a little harder as I tremble, tears falling down my face, and I let her warm embrace comfort me.

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About J Lum:

J. Lum resides in the Northern Virginia area. While she calls Virginia home, she is constantly on the go. She’s got a constant case of #Wanderlust; most of the time, you can find her traveling around the world to see her book besties, or checking off her bucket list places. Her second home away from home is Hawaii, where her family is from. The love for the ocean runs through her veins. She also has a love of pugs, unicorns, and anything chocolate. She and coffee have been having a love affair for many years. And, if you don’t find her wandering around the world, she’s more than likely hanging with her pug, Lani.


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